Practical Course 100% ONLINE with Certification
MORE THAN 17 hours of Video with a lot of additional material! 

Auditing and Hacking
in z/OS Systems 2017

After 10 years teaching the course in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Peru, and having trained countless professionals of the Audit and Security z/OS in all sectors, we are launched our 100% Practical Workshop Course ON-LINE and ENGLISH

The main advantage? you can repeat the exercises over and over again until you understand, practice and apply each of the steps and exercises correctly.

This course, formerly reserved at the beginning for security and auditing professionals and now open to any kind of IT professionals, is still the only course in the world  detailing step by step how the z/OS system works, how can be hacked with smooth techniques  and the method to protect against them.

Do you think that a z/OS can be attacked by RANSOMWARE malware?, please read on. Learn how without great technical knowledge, any user of our environment, even without privileges, can be done with restricted data avoiding security applications.

What will you do after finishing the course?

NOT KNOWING our techniques in time, based on easily exploitable vulnerabilities, could cause the damage caused to your company or client, as a responsibility, to be on you and endanger your job and future work

Starting from a basic user (of the thousands that usually have in a normal Mainframe system environment) and realizing the correct assembly of the tools that are available in Internet you will learn:

(1) To Create your Test Lab practically  no cost
(2) Understanding how z/OS works
(3) Steal sensitive information without being detected
(4) Cracking accounts of other users

(5) Infecting systems with Malware automatically
(6) Create logic bombs that will cause the Production and Backup z/OS infrastructures at the same time  working for days or weeks

It is the only course in the world that teaches what, how and why. Where anyone with minimal TI knowledge can achieve great results while learning how to avoid risk situations and Strengthen the system.

The 2017 ONLINE version or our Audit and Hacking z/OS course VA060_ONL_EN is based a 70% in our onsite course that has more than 7 years of successful editions, updated every year from Internet published news, knowledge acquired by ourselves and our international partners.



5,000 $


1,000 $

If you are an Open Systems pentester:
Photos of onsite courses in Spain and Latin America, before the online launch
If you are an IT Auditor:

If you believe z/OS is untouchable:

- If your are responsible for the security or a mainframe, and your company or client may be target of a contingency that may cause a loss of value (stock, assets, customers, ranking, etc.) To determine that security management was inadequate and to hold it accountable by endangering its job and its future. 


- If you recently audited a z/OS, and your client is subject to uncontrolled penetration with any of the actions discussed bellow. 

- If you are the Manager responsible for the security of a z/OS environment and UNDERSTAND how a simple user without privileges can take all your information, using information that is publicly accessible on the Internet

Do you think your company will continue to trust you?

Do you think it will market you forever?

How much your market value increase if you knew what to look for and how a tackle a Mainframe to perform penetrations?


¿How much could you increase your value in the market and you own company if you knew how to really perform a true IT Audit to a Mainframe like the one developed in our course?

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